Discover The Clickbank Super Funnel That Can Generate $1182 in Commissions Over and Over Again That Can be Applied to Your Business in as Little as 27 Minutes

John Thornhill, your host

Most people get started trying to make money online but they quit and go back to their 9 – 5 within months.  They fail because they don’t have a proven system. What if you had a proven system like I’m going to tell you about today?

You may have found an ad online, that said you could license a Super Funnel and earn full commissions. And you could be making sales in your business, sometimes within a couple of days of setting things up.

Most people’s biggest fear is that it won’t work. The first thought they have is, ‘how am I going to make money using this? I'm just a ____ who desperately needs an extra income. I have no digital marketing degree or internet marketing success story to speak of.

But the product creator, John Thornhill isn’t a newbie affiliate. John is a top 1% JVZoo Product of the Day Vendor, a top 1% JVZoo affiliate, and a top 1% Platinum Clickbank Vendor and affiliate. And a world renowned success coach. 

The products in the Clickbank Super Funnel are proven to sell. In fact some of them have made John 100s of thousands of dollars.

Most people think that to make money online that you are somehow lucky or something. But in fact, as John will tell you in the webinar, the secret to making money online is to become a product creator. But this is a lot of work.

You need to learn niche research, graphic creation, sales page creation, customer support, php scripts, html, WordPress, setting up payment processors, selling products, building a member’s area, branding, FTP, product delivery, web hosting, creating a sales funnel, server management, split testing, monitoring sites, creating training videos, creating sales videos.

But there is a shortcut. John will license you to sell his products for 50% -100% commission. And he has a lot of products and they are proven sellers. 

Not only this, the shortcut allows you to take advantage of one of the perks of being a product creator.

This is, you can recruit affiliates to sell products for you. This means that these affiliates will bring you leads and buyers. Watch the webinar where John shows you the benefit of recruiting affiliates. 

3 Tips To Get Started Are:

  1. Register for the webinar
  2. Attend the webinar
  3. Go to bed tonight knowing that you have begun something that is going to change your life